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PSCOR makes it easy to manage your surgery pre-admissions and more

Collect Pre-Operative medical health history

How much time your nurses spend on the phone chasing patient medical history? Surgery centers are spending a lot of time for preoperative health screening.  Nurses are busy without  just trying  to collect necessary health information.  It simply eating up to much time in any surgery center’s daily process.

Depending on your individual needs, your preoperative assessment may last between 20 to 30 minutes. It may take a little longer if they need to telephone other providers to clarify medical history.


PSCOR handles everything from pre-admission and patient reminders, to security and easy setup.

  1. Demographic & Insurance Information
  2. Medical History
  3. Automatic BMI and Medical Spell Checker
  4. Anesthesia Pre-Op Section
  5. Automatic “Red Flag” for High Risk Patient
  6. Caprini DVT Risk Assessment
  7. Questionnaire is optimized for patients of any age


Easily view, track or update patient information

Give patients the ability to complete their pre-operative medical history as well as provide demographic & insurance information securely online. PSCOR platform provides information and resources that patients and families need to be ready and prepared for their surgery day.

Intelligent dynamic online forms P- SCOR’s intelligent form will ask appropriate follow-up questions based on patient’s answers.

Which means you can get in-depth information.  Reaching  patients with automated digital distribution will significantly reduce phone time for pre-op staff.


Easy Implementation for Immediate ROI



Completely web-based. You don’t have to purchase or install any new hardware or other software.



All updates, changes, support, upgrades and new features are included in platform at no charge.

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Great experience for everyone.



You understand the great value to expedite process and save time. It’s about cost savings. You also get all the reports to measure efficiency through the year.   


With customizable tools, checklists forms are designed specifically for your surgery center. A User-Friendly platform that enables fewer RN hours that are needed for admissions.   


It’s about performance. It’s about cost savings. You understand the great value to expedite process and save time. You also get all PSCOR’s analytics reports to monitor platforms efficiency through the year.

And that makes everyone happy.