We handle everything
so that you can focus on other things.

With PSCOR, you get one unified platform to run your ASC business with ease.


All your pre-assessment in one place. Surgery centers around the country are using PSCOR to make their working lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. That is how PSCOR designed and tested with every Surgery Center’s staff.

How it works

The process starts as soon as patient is scheduled for procedure at your facility. Patient can choose options to be invited to go online and complete their medical information and what they prefer.

  1. Email reminders
  2. Text reminders
  3. Phone reminders

Automated Patient Reminders

There are many ways for patient to register, through a button on your website or through email with a direct link to the online form. If coming from a direct link in email PSCOR will also pre-populate demographic information to save time.



Patent Invite & Reminders

Patient is notified by email (or by their MD) that they can complete medical history securely through the web. This means they can complete when it’s convenient and they are prepared.

Patient questionnaire

Simple Access

Patient accesses questionnaire through link on your website or automatic invitation through email or mobile device.

Patient directions


Once PSCOR is completed patient can download pre-operative instructions including map with driving directions to your center, based on their home address.


PSCOR pre-admission comes directly to your desktop with a notification.

Nurse receives desktop alert where she can review and edit patient responses.

Making edits is very simple and you are able to review all the answers that patient provided.  All the medical history information is nicely organized searchable.


Our program is directly linked with HST/SCOR  to receive all the necessary patient data based on case number automatically.

Intelligent Patient Forms

Medications are easy to type with a built in medical dictionary that allows patients to start typing names of medications and then select medication form the list.

Medical history forms are intelligent and very intuitive. Based on patients previous answers it will provide follow up questions to make it more simple.

After the patient registration has been reviewed and approved patient will receive email with pre-surgery instructions and directions to your center.